Blog 4-Research Paper Prewrite on Vacation Destinations

In class I came up with the question, “where is the best place to go on vacation.” We were told to write a question about anything. I think researching different vacation places could be very interesting, but how could we make this into a research project? I don’t even know what the research project is, so how am I supposed to come up with a topic? This is something I do not understand. I do not know what it means to do a research project or what they even consist of. I have never done a big research project, so I am not sure what it involves.

After choosing a question, we were told to pass the question around to our group and they had to come up with a new question based on mine. They came up with some interesting questions such as, “are people going on vacation more since air Lomb is very popular,” and, “what do people base their decisions on when planning a vacation.” These are interesting questions to consider when choosing the best vacation spot, but how does this help me in my research project? As you can see I am very confused. This is also a question that greatly varies person to person. What my friend may have thought as the world’s best locations cause have been horrible to me. Do I just go with the general trend?

If I was to use the topic of the best vacation destinations for my research project, I think I would start off with different factors that must be taken into consideration. Maybe I could choose 5 different but popular destinations and compare them based on these factors. Personally I believe the biggest factor would be price. This could be the price of the airfare, hotel, or excursions. Another major thing to consider is safety. Unfortunately, there have been many terrorist attacks and natural disasters over the last few years. For example, Paris is a beautiful place and one many dreams of going to one day, but with the recent attacks there, is it safe to take our loved ones? This is a factor I will need research for. I could research the criminal rate and take a look into the economy of the country. I could look into the food of the destinations. Food is always a big part of trips, lets be honest we all have gained weight over a trip at some point in our lives. Maybe someone’s culture should also go into consideration when choosing a vacation spot.

According to the article I found on “ytravelblog,” one of the first steps is to consider the type of trip you have in mind and who are you going with. Is this a family trip, couples trip, or a weekend away with the girls? Do you want to be out a busy having the time of your life 24/7 or laying by a pool and relaxing? Because these topics vary by the person so much it is going to be difficult to choose one place in my paper. Maybe I would make my question more specific to either a family vacation or college students. There are a lot of things for me to consider before I begin writing my essay. However, I think I need more information about what this project consists of before I get started. Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.44.33 PM


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